Ontario Craft Cider Association (OCCA)

Industry Body of Craft Cider Producers in Ontario

Food Pairings 101

Cider is versatile, complex and easy to pair with food once you’ve tried it!

Sparkling Cider

Sparkling cider is hugely varied in flavour and can feature sweet hints of caramel and orange and spiced notes of cinnamon and nutmeg depending on the time of pressing, the fermentation methods and the age. Sparkling cider is perfect on it’s own or paired alongside cheddars, pork chops, butternut squash anything, roasted vegetables, sage , crisp-skinned poultry: it all works!

When pairing with cheese, keep this handy guide in mind: when alcohol content is under 5%, mild cheeses are the best choice. Cheeses with a more pronounced flavour are a good complement for ciders with an alcohol content of 5% or more.


Light and fruity, perry is best served chilled or on the rocks. The taste is crisp and medium sweet, often with notes of lychee, grape, pear, and almond. It can be paired with: chicken, fish, tomato-less pasta, pulled pork or soft cheese such as Camembert or Brie.

Iced Cider

Iced cider is a unique drink obtained through natural freezing in winter, which gives the apples a higher sugar concentration. The fermentation of this concentrated juice yields an exceptionally sweet and rich cider. Iced cider pairs brilliantly with foie gras, bacon, strong or blue cheese or cheesecake.