Ontario Craft Cider Association (OCCA)

Industry Body of Craft Cider Producers in Ontario

Cider Week 2017

Join the Craft Cider revolution with over 100 ciders from 25 of Ontario’s finest  producers.  Kick off Ontario Craft Cider Week with the official drink of summer!

OCCW Events

Her Father’s Cider Bar + Kitchen Cider Week Meet-theMaker Kick-Off Event (May 26 from 2-6pm)
Her Father’s Cider Bar + Kitchen Cask Event (June 4)
Cider House (May 26 – June 4) – different cideries to sample each night.
Rust City Brewery (Hamilton) Ontario Craft Cider Tap Takeover (May 26)
Toronto Craft Cider Cruise (June 2) Buy ticket here
Appleseed Cider Festival (June 3 – Toronto, June 18 – Stratford, June 24 – London) – Buy tickets here
Run TO Cider Event @ The Craft Brasserie & Grill (June 3)
Beertown Public House (May 26 – June 4) – 5′ O Clock Hop Stop, runs all week.

All bars participating:

Arabella Park – Kitchener
– Waterloo
ABE ERB – Kitchener
B@The Museum – Kitchener
Bang Sue Bar (inside Khao San Road) – Toronto
Bar Hop – Toronto
Beertown Public House – Waterloo/Cambridge/London
Bread Bar – Guelph
Brux House – Hamilton
Chadwick’s – Toronto
Cider House – Toronto
Copper Kettle Cafe – Hamilton
Craft Brasserie – Toronto
Doors Pub – Hamilton
Farmhouse Tavern – Toronto
Her Father’s Cider Bar + Kitchen – Toronto
Hungry Brew Hops – Newmarket
Lloyd’s Jamaican Restaurant – North York
Mercer Hall – Stratford
Miijidaa – Guelph
Round the Horn – Toronto
Sauce on the Danforth – Toronto
Shepherd’s Pub – Elora
Sociable Kitchen & Tavern – Brantford
Stout Irish Pub – Toronto
Tallboys Craft Beer House – Toronto
Tequila Bookworm – Toronto
The Albion Hotel – Guelph
The Bent Elbow – Kitchener
The Berlin – Kitchener
The Brain – Hamilton
The Brew Cafe & Bar – Hamilton
The Bruce Craft House (Cambridge Hotel) – Cambridge
The Embassy Bar – Toronto
The Grover Pub – Toronto
The Local Gest – Toronto
The Mugshot Tavern – Toronto
The Oakwood Hardware – Toronto
The Only Cafe – Toronto
The Rebel House – Toronto
The Ship – Hamilton
The Watchtower Restaurant – Waterloo
Toast Wine Bar – Hamilton
Victorian Monkey – Scarborough
White Rabbit – Waterloo
Winking Judge – Hamilton
Woolwich Arrow – Guelph (Event on Saturday May 28th)
Wvrst – Toronto

 *Updates will be made every day to include new bars and restaurants
** Only full members of the association are affiliated with the official Ontario Craft Cider Week

12 comments on “Cider Week 2017

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  9. Ceecee42
    May 15, 2017

    And, once again, not a damn thing east of the GTA.

    • btougher
      May 15, 2017

      Hi there,

      It is up to each individual cidery to get their licensees on board. If there are restaurants east of the GTA that are interested, please have them contact me at brittany@pommies.com. If you would like a Cider Week event at a particular bar, head in there and let them know we are happy to accomadate them.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


  10. Nelson
    May 25, 2017

    Hey, is this list and map up to date? It’s still got the old Bar Volo on it.

    • btougher
      May 25, 2017

      Thanks for the catch. It is updated now. Current list is the most up-to-date.

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