Ontario Craft Cider Association (OCCA)

Industry Body of Craft Cider Producers in Ontario

Cider Styles

Ontario Ciders


Applewood Farm Winery (Stouffville, ON)

Hopped Amber Cider, 5%

Beaver Valley Orchard and Cidery (Kimberley, ON)
flagship cider, Unfiltered and very dry, 7%

Brickworks Cider House (Toronto, ON)
Batch 1904, 5%

Coffin Ridge Winery (Annan, ON)
Forbidden Fruit Artisanal Cider, 6.5%

The County Cider co, Waupoos (Prince Edward County, ON)
The County Hoppper, hopped cider, 6%
The County Blood Orange, 6%
Waupoos Premium, 6.5%
Waupoos Feral Cider, Cranberry and raspberry, 6%
The County Pear Cider, 6%
The County Peach, 6.5%

Duxbury Cider co (Meaford, ON)
The Duxbury Cider, 6.5%
Tilted Barn Cider (Dry-Hopped Cider), 6.5%

Hoity Toity Cellars (Mildmay, ON)
66 pick up, 7%
Release Me, sweet apple, 4%
Forgot the Roses, grape cider, 5.6%
Sweet Tux, grape apple pear, 4%
Rusty Bling, Red apple, 7.2%

Puddicombe Cider Company (Winona, ON)
Sir Isaacs Pear Cider, 6.5%

Southern Cliff Brands (Caledon, ON)
Pommies Dry Cider, Very smooth, semi-sweet cider with crisp acidity, 5%
Pommies Super Dry, 6%
Wildling Roadside, 6%

Spirit Tree Cider (Caledon, ON)
Hop Cider, 7%
Draught Cider, 6%
Pear Cider, 6%
Golden Crabapple , 8% (Cask)
Black Crabapple, black and tan cider, 6.8% (Cask)
New England, molasses, honey, raisin, 8% (Cask)
Scrumpy cider, 6.5%
Brett cider, 6%
Mergers and acquisitions, English cider, 8%
Double Pagan crabapple and sumac, 7%

Stonechurch Winery (Niagara on the lake, ON)
Shiny apple Cider, 7%
Shiny Apple Cider avec Pinot Noir, 9%

Sunnybrook Farm Winery (Niagara on the Lake, ON)
Ironwood Hard Cider, 6%

Thornbury Cider (Thornbury, ON)
Premium Apple Cider, 5.3%

Twin Pines Orchards and Cider house (Thedford, ON)
Hammer Bent Red, North American style, (Winner of Best Cider in show at  Annual Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Comp.)
Hammer Bent original, 6.3%
Hammer Bent Scrumpy, 6.2%

West Avenue Cider (Caledon, ON)
Barrett Fuller’s Secret, Bourbon barrel-aged, 9%
Gold Dust, Single Variety Golden Russet Apple, 8.2%
Bittersweet Ontario, Made with Ontario grown English Bittersweet Apples, 6.5%
Crab and Cherry, Blended from 2 barrels of cherry and crab apple, 7.5%
Scrumpy, 6.5% (Cask)
Rhubarb, ginger & Star anise, 6% (Cask)
SchoolYard Crab, barrel fermented Dolgo crabapple with brett, 8%
Cherry Beach, barrel- fermented Niagara montmorency cherry, 7.5%
West WVRST, collaboration, nitro charged black velvet, 7%

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